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42 minutes ago music

Britney Spears Reveals Why She Decided To Team Up With Iggy Azalea For ‘Pretty Girls’

If the success of Britney Spears and Iggy Azalea’s independent singles is any indication, their upcoming, high-profile collaboration, “Pretty Girls,” will without a doubt dominate the summer airwaves. The two singers may not have even teamed up, however, had it not been for the movie Clueless. In an interview with USA Today, Spears said she decided …


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Mariah Carey's new single, "Infinity," is full of '90s nostalgia. Check it out!

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2 hours ago movies

5 Insanely Tricked Out Cars You’ll See In ‘Mad Max: Fury Road’

Everyone has a dream car. Whether it’s flashy and stylish, practical and reliable, or super-cool and vintage, we’re guessing there’s at least one vehicle you’ve been dreaming about since the day you were finally handed your driver’s license. But when the road you’ll eventually be driving on is a post-apocalyptic nightmare in which you’ll need …

4 hours ago tv

The Trailer For Disney Channel’s ‘Descendants’ Is Finally Here, And It Looks Delightful

Prepare to meet the next generation of diabolical Disney villains. Disney Channel just debuted a brand new trailer for their highly anticipated summer original movie, Descendants.  An intriguing television cocktail of Disney’s trademark whimsy, High School Musical, Muppet Babies, and magic, Descendants follows the children of four of Disney’s most notorious scoundrels as they exit …